‘Going Faux’ can transform a home’s style

It’s called “Going Faux”

Here are some of the details used by Phoebe Taylor of the Atlanta area to enhance her master bathroom in her 20-year-old house. A professional decorator, she transformed it with faux wood beams, decorative molding and a gold-spun paint job that looked like "soft marble." ‘Going Faux” means turning homes into something they basically are not through prefab architectural embellishments and eye-tricking wall finishes. Enthusiasts say there’s no reason for even the most budget-conscious among us to live a cookie cutter existence. A homeowner can change anything with desire and patience — even ambitious projects, such as making the interior of a standard subdivision home look like a cozy Tudor, a classic Colonial or something out of the rustic West.

Faux wood beams can give a classy look to a house.Paint can make high ceilings look lower by extending the ceiling’s color to a lower point on the wall, or give them more height by going dark. Using different colors on the top and bottom halves of a wall can create the look of wainscot.

Decorative appliqués, which can be painted, stained or glazed, are particularly helpful in transforming the look of kitchen cabinets. If they are in good shape then there may be reason to change them out. Appliqués, paint and new cabinetry hardware can transform a “builder-grade kitchen” to any style from classic to contemporary.

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