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Pike Street Market

Yes, I know it’s not in Lake Hills, Bellevue…  However, it is definitely an integral part of living in the Northwest – I just couldn’t resist including this information.

Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Pike Place, one of America’s most famous markets, attracts a mix of tourists and locals who come to browse or to simply be part of the action. Since opening in 1907, the multi-level market has grown to include numerous buildings and businesses, including antiques dealers, flower stands, bakeries, and shops overflowing with clothing and handmade art. It’s also home to some of the city’s most recognized establishments: Pike Place Fish Market — famous for its “flying fish” — and the original Starbucks Coffee, which relocated here (from across the street) in 1977. Pike Place’s street performers (violinists, puppeteers, and poets) always put on a show.

Where: Downtown Seattle
When: Open daily

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