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10 Home Finance Mistakes You Can’t Afford

Most advice columns tell you what you should do, but just as importantly, there some things you shouldn’t do. Here are 10 frequent home finance mistakes that consumers make – and that you should avoid. Don’t choose the wrong mortgage: With the advent of instant refinancing, home loans are no longer the lifetime obligations they used …

11 steps to buying

Buying your home in eleven steps… You’ll feel more confident about your home buying journey when you understand what is required of you and every other person who is involved in the transaction. Check out this guide that takes you through the buying process, and shows you that you’re only 11 steps away from buying a home. …

Be document prepared!

Scrambling for money and documents that the lender, unexpectedly, “requires” to close has got to rank up there in the top couple of stressors that buyers experience. Once you get into contract and, especially, once you’ve removed contingencies and put your deposit money on the line, every request that your lender makes seems like a …

Get pre-approved

You have been looking and looking for that perfect house… and, finally you think you’ve found it! What next? Well, most experts agree that before you make an offer, you should get pre-approved for a loan. This gives you almost as much power as a buyer with all cash. Pre-approved or Pre-qualified? … These are …

The cost per square foot factor

Why do smaller homes sometimes cost more per square foot than larger homes? Smaller homes start out at a relative disadvantage to larger ones because they often cost more per square foot. That’s because every house needs certain high-ticket items, like a heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, at least one bathroom and a kitchen. …

FHA Home Renovation Loan

In today’s market, purchasing a “fixer-upper” can offer a unique opportunity for a home buyer. In this instance, a good financing solution is an FHA Streamline Renovation Loan, called the FHA 203k. With this program, the renovation loan is rolled into the entire financing package… one loan includes the renovation loan and the cost of purchase. Changes …

How To Save For Your Downpayment

Research has shown time and again one of the greatest hurdles to buying a home is coming up with the sometimes dreaded, downpayment. Here are a few practical strategies to help you clear the hurdle, and come up with the cash you need. Click here for 6 Steps to Saving for a Down Payment.