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Why the interest rate matters for your home purchase

Let’s suppose that you want to keep your mortgage payment around $1900 per month. With an interest rate of 5% you can qualify for a $360,000 home. However, if the interest rate is lower, at 4.25%, you can qualify for a home that’s $390,000. That’s $30,000 more home you can purchase for roughly the same …

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Mortgage rates low through mid-2012

Mortgage rates are expected to remain very low at least through mid-2012, while housing activity improves slightly, according to Freddie Mac’s economic and housing outlook released Wednesday. The outlook also projects fewer single-family home-loan originations, but more multifamily lending in 2012. The rental market is likely to lead growth in the lending industry, though parts …

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Are you missing the ‘house’ boat?

The JP Morgan’s Market Insights report  identifies the greatest challenge in today’s housing market: consumer emotion. The article attempts to overcome that emotion with logical reasons why now is the time to buy a home. Price-to-Income Ratio One measure of housing values is the ratio of personal income to home prices. The report explains where we are …

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