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$50 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

… for every budget

No, you don’t have to spend an astronomical amount of money on a kitchen remodel. Whether your budget is small or generous, the kitchen you yearn for can be had at an affordable price according to the online site DIY Lifestyle. In fact, they illustrate how you can begin making improvements for as little as $50.

The website does suggest remodeling in stages if that helps your budget. They caution you to take on projects in a logical order to avoid wasting money. For example, the site suggests that if you plan to rearrange cabinets and appliances, hold off on replacing the flooring. Likewise, if you also wish to replace your countertop, then don’t install a new sink or fixtures until the countertop is done.

The site includes several ‘how-to’ videos including How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets and How to Plan a Remodel.