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The Shocking Amount Millennials Spend on Rent by the Time They’re 30

The Shocking Amount Millennials Spend on Rent by the Time They’re 30 It all adds up… shockingly so! Options would be to purchase even a small condo and start building equity by paying rent to yourself.  Click through for link to video.  

Nationally, renting is twice as expensive as buying

It’s more affordable to buy a home now in most U.S. metros than it was 15 years ago, even for millennials putting down less money on a home, according to a Zillow analysis of third-quarter income and home value data. Renters, however, continue to pay an increasing share of their income to their landlords as …

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Did It Make Sense to Wait?

Over the course of last year, many people debated purchasing a home, but ultimately did not. Let’s look at whether the decision to wait to buy made sense financially. What happened in 2014? The 30 year fixed rate on January 2, 2014 was 4.53% as reported by Freddie Mac. Looking at the chart below, the monthly mortgage …

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?Buy or rent? Which is better financially?

?Buy or rent? Every potential home buyer has to stop for at least a moment and consider this question. Let’s look at one of the many financial reasons to buy instead of rent: the housing expense moving forward. Which is better financially? According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors, the median sales …

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42% cheaper to buy in Seattle area than to rent

Wow! Did you realize that today’s mortgage rates and home prices combine to make it 42% cheaper to buy a home in the Seattle area than to rent? Big difference, eh? Nationwide it’s 44% cheaper to buy than to rent… but this picture will be changing according to Trulia.  Check Trulia’s infographics to see where …

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5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Home NOW!

Many potential buyers are waiting until they can be 100% sure the real estate market has fully recovered before making the move to purchase a home. Here are five reasons why waiting to buy their home might not make sense any longer… 1) Prices Are on the Rise The latest Case Shiller Home Price Index revealed that home prices …

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Buying is 42% cheaper than renting in Seattle area

It’s more affordable to buy a home than to rent in the 100 largest metros in the nation. That’s the case if you plan to stay in the home for seven years, which is the average time Americans traditionally live in a home before moving. The findings come from real estate data provider Trulia, which conducted a …

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Consumers Expect Higher Home and Rent Prices

Americans continue to show growing confidence in home price increases over the next 12 months, providing further indications of a slow but steady housing recovery, according to results from Fannie Mae’s October 2012 National Housing Survey. Taken together with rental price expectations, which surged in October,  more consumers may be motivated to purchase a home …

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Rents… where are they headed?

When deciding whether or not to buy a home, one consideration will be the cost of alternative housing options. Renting an apartment is one such alternative. So, where are rental prices heading over the next few years? Rental prices usually increase by about 3 percent annually. Trulia just released their Trulia Rent Monitor where they revealed that rental prices …

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The Finances of Renting vs. Buying Trulia reported that homeownership is 45% cheaper than renting in the United States. Jed Kolko, Trulia’s Chief Economist explained*: “Homeownership is cheaper than renting in all of the 100 largest metros, by a wide margin. Despite the recent price rebound, rents continue to rise faster than prices, and mortgage rates are …

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