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You know, as problems persist with negative home equity, low home prices, high  unemployment, and the difficulty many face with tightened mortgage underwriting standards, foreclosures are predicted to reach record levels in 2011.

HUD has one of the most accurate, best-maintained lists of foreclosure properties available in the nation. According to industry experts, these properties can sell for up to 60% below market value. They provide all the information members need to find and buy foreclosed properties, whether it’s as a home buyer, investor or real estate professional.

Using their password-protected website, customers can:

  • Learn how to purchase foreclosures
  • Find homes from $10,000
  • Apply for loans and assistance
  • Research real estate news and trends

At you can pick your geographical interest area and also find helpful information about credit repair, bankruptcies, debt consolidation and stopping foreclosure. And listings and prices about their current inventory of foreclosures.

Today I found 20 properties listed for Bellevue, Wa. Check it out at:

One navigation hint: When the add-on page comes up saying you have to qualify to bid on HUD properties, just click the arrow in the right hand corner and you can return to the listings… at least, it worked that way twice for me. Good luck, and call me if I can be of help to you.

For additional information on free foreclosure websites: