7 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Sold safe-imageA number of economists are forecasting an increase in home sales this year, and some are predicting that more first-time buyers will be in the mix.

That’s great news for sellers, particularly first-time sellers most likely to have the kind of starter homes these buyers will want. Below are some tips for those selling a home for the first time.

Prepare for your own purchase

Before selling your home, give some careful thought about where you will live next, Planning ahead will save the time and money associated with moving multiple times or trying to get out of a deal after you sign a purchase agreement.

Get the home move-in ready

If you can afford it, do whatever you can to make your home move-in ready. That means replacing ripped screens, broken baseboards, leaky faucets and making cosmetic repairs, as well as updating landscaping. Your house needs to be in showing condition all the time.

Enlist the help of a good real-estate agent

Choose real-estate agents based on who does a lot of business in your particular neighborhood…

Price it right

A good real-estate agent will help you price the home right—from the start. Nothing will attract more buyers than making the right choice when pricing your home and nothing will deter buyers more than overpricing. Overpricing often means a longer stay on the market as well as future price cuts—which often makes a home listing look stale and less desirable.

Market the home appropriately

In addition to getting on the multiple-listing service, or MLS, as well as home listing sites online, your real-estate agent can suggest other methods of advertising, including open houses and direct mail postcards.

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