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Spring hath bloomed… it’s that time of year again!

Grab Your Rubber Gloves and Hammer! Every spring, your home needs some extra TLC! Whether you plan on selling your home this spring or not, conducting this maintenance will help ensure your home functions well for the rest of the year. I have a list of specific suggestions for getting your house ready for market …

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Winter ‘To-Do’ List for Homeowners

Now that Winter is nearly here – December 21st is the first day of Winter – it is time to get ready for Winter Home Maintenance Here are the items to put on your winter to-do list:   Interior Grout Lines and Caulk Joints Check all grout lines at countertops and tub and shower surrounds …

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Thinking of updating your countertops?

Helpful site… In my experience, in the Seattel area, you get your best pricing if you go directly with a Sodo granite supplier. On the other hand, while granite countertops are undoubtedly an important piece for home buyers today, I do have a supplier who does laminate work that looks so much like granite that you …

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Remodeling Jobs—Baths Edge Kitchens Again for Top Spot

May: National Home Remodeling Month The results from NAHB’s quarterly Remodeling Market Index (RMI) survey report on the most common type of jobs performed by NAHB Remodelers in 2014. Kitchens and Baths Kitchen and bathroom remodeling remain the two most common types of projects as they have been consistently since 2001. Up to 2009, kitchens were slightly more …

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Remodeling in 2014 – Cost vs Value

2014 REMODELING COST VS VALUE REPORT Should you remodel to sell? Check out the projects list to compare your estimated cost with potential return valuation…. Check SEATTLE, WA data for  for 35 projects, including: City Job Costs City Resale Value City Cost Recouped City/Region Comparison City/National Comparison

‘Going Faux’ can transform a home’s style

It’s called “Going Faux” ‘Going Faux” means turning homes into something they basically are not through prefab architectural embellishments and eye-tricking wall finishes. Enthusiasts say there’s no reason for even the most budget-conscious among us to live a cookie cutter existence. A homeowner can change anything with desire and patience — even ambitious projects, such as making the interior …

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How to Spot a Bad Contractor

Summer is approaching, and that means repair and remodeling season will soon be in full swing. Sprucing up your property means you will be looking for contractors from tree trimmers to tile installers. So, how does one spot a bad contractor? Red Flags Nothing can drain profits like a bad fix-it-up project. So, if you …

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