Slumped Glass Bathroom Sink

In consideration of a glass vanity sink top


For that dramatic look, glass vanity tops make a unique design statement in your bathroom. A wide variety of color and texture choices are available, and because it’s translucent, special back-lighting can be used under the vanity top to create a very dramatic effect.

Thick and heavy glass slabs are usually used to create the glass sink and top. The final product is called a “slumped glass” bathroom sink because the sink and vanity top are one seamless piece.

You can get glass vanity tops with faucet holes installed, or use wall-mounted faucets to eliminate having any faucet holes on the sink top.

Glass is considered a higher-end material for vanity tops. Kohler’s Tracery sink (pictured) is an example of a “slumped glass” bathroom sink, in which the sink and vanity top are one beautiful seamless piece. Seattle TImes

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