Don’t be a stalker-talker-seller!

Walking in For Sale house
That wagon-wheel light fixture

Sellers may be well-intentioned when they walk a potential buyer though their home, pointing out the wagon-wheel light fixture they made with their own two hands, or the custom mural of a stingray they paid top dollar to have hand painted in their son’s room, or the delightful sound of happy schoolchildren running right across the front yard.

In truth, what the buyers may really be doing is ignore, minimize, or figure out how to undo the very feature the sellers hold so dear.

And, potential buyers usually need to have personal space for conversations with their mate or their agent while they’re viewing the home. The so-called ‘stalker-talker-seller’ may interrupt that process.

Nit-picky = Serious Buyer?

Remember, sellers should want the potential buyer to get down to dirty details—the more nit-picky a buyer gets about a house and the more detailed their list of things they would change, the more serious they are about considering making an offer on the home.

What should sellers do? 

Basically, sellers should back away and preferably let your home be shown vacant. Or leave the house when people come to see it.

If the seller needs to be there, they should walk outside or go sit at the coffee shop down the way while prospective buyers view their home. If the buyers have questions, their agent will be in contact. That’s for sure.

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