Tweet-Tweet Best Practices! Tweet on Saturday…

Tweet-Tweet on Saturday: Best Practices for Twitter!

A new study titled Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review provides scientifically based advice to help you use Twitter more effectively.

The study looked at “engagement” (by which it means retweets and replies). According to the results, brands get 29 percent more engagement from their followers when they tweet on Saturdays. That’s an even more interesting stat when you consider that only about 7 percent of tweets coming from brands actually arrive on a weekend.

More tidbits from report

  • The rule of 4: Research indicated that 4 tweets per day was the most effective amount—any more than that, and engagement dropped off as people’s attention waned.
  • Twitter during day: Brands received 30 percent more clicks when they tweeted between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Facebook at night: When it comes to using Facebook to post messages, brands saw a 17 percent increase during “non-busy” hours.

Those are just some of the highlights from the study that was released in a white paper. You can download a copy of the entire white paper at

The white paper even includes a cheat sheet to help you make sure you’re following best practices when you Tweet!

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