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Jul 10

Housing bubble or not? Signs here not clear — yet

Jon Talton / Columnist / Seattle Times / July 10, 2016 Housing bubble or not? Signs here not clear — yet Jon Talton called our previous ‘bubble and crash.’ Does he see the same thing today? Reporting in the Seattle Times, Talton notes that Seattle home prices have risen a startling 74% percent in the past five years. As of June, the median …

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Apr 08

Why is the For-Sale Inventory So Low Today?

 Existing home inventory is low because… Many homeowners remain underwater: CoreLogic estimated 5.1 million owners ‘underwater’ as of Sept. 2014 Expiration of Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act at end of 2013 reduced short-sale supply Foreclosure-to-REO flows have declined, thus REO sales down Many homeowners have no debt or low-rate debt…About one-third of homes owned ‘free and …

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Apr 24

12,575 Homes Sold Yesterday!

If you read certain headlines, you might be led to believe that the housing recovery has come to a screeching halt. Naysayers are claiming that rising mortgage rates and a lack of consumer confidence are keeping Americans on the fence when it comes to purchasing real estate. That is actually far from  the reality. After …

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Apr 04

Puget Sound March home sales

While the median price of single-family homes in King County rose 6% in March, ‘For Sale’ signs continue to remain scarce with the situation not expected to improve anytime soon according to today’s Seattle Times.   The annual rate of price growth has been slowing: In January the median price in King County was 17% higher over the previous 12 …

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Nov 29

5 reasons to buy your home now… not next Spring

Based on prices, mortgage rates and soaring rents, there may have never been a better time in real estate history to purchase a home than right now. Here are five major reasons purchasers should consider buying: Supply Is Shrinking With inventory declining in many regions, finding a home of your dreams may become more difficult going forward. …

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Oct 23

As the leaves fall, so have house prices fallen in the Seattle area

Single-family home prices in King County saw a remarkable run from January to July, when the median price hit $434,000, a 24% increase in just seven months. Sounds like a 2006 market, doesn’t it? Then a jump in mortgage rates took some steam out of the market. In August, the median sale price slipped almost 1%. …

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Apr 30

Feeling skeptical about the housing rebound?

Crisis ended? Has the housing crises ended or is it another housing bubble? Although the housing market seems to be on the upswing in many parts of the country, many investors are hesitant to fully jump back into the sector over our economic recovery concerns and worries over another housing bubble forming. January 2013 price …

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Mar 07

Seattle-Bellevue real estate is hot!

I guess the word is out. Home prices are climbing… again. Feel like ‘been here, done this’?! Well, certainly the future is always a mystery – but this mystery may just be a re-play. Bellevue median price up 23% from last February According to The Seattle Times, a record-low inventory of homes for sale in King …

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Feb 21

Hot real estate markets… after the crash. Seattle… good for Sellers

You might have thought you’d never see another top-10 list of hot real estate markets after the housing boom’s spectacular crash. Never say never. Housing’s coming back, mostly. It’s creeping back in some places, leaping in others, and still down in a few. Here’s a look at housing by the lists: one list of the …

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Jan 27

The housing market is back!

Almost no housing market indicators showing weakness… While no one was looking a change-around occurred. Houses are selling and prices are trending upward again. “There are almost no housing market indicators showing weakness,” says Mark J. Perry, a professor of economics at the University of Michigan-Flint. The housing market is 52% as strong as it was …

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