Rents in Bellevue and Seattle – a look at the last 12 months

It’s cheaper to rent in Seattle than in Bellevue…

Rental listing sites are booming

Home rental sites,,, and Craigslist are enjoying an increase of listings from home owners.

List prices drop on homes for sale; buyers have upper hand

U.S. mid-summer list prices drop as sellers fear another ‘dip’ in home prices, according to the real estate site, Trulia.

Buying ‘bank-owned’ foreclosure… lots of addenda!

Bank-owned home sales are ruled by extensive addenda crafted by the lender-seller.

Q1 Foreclosure rates continue to haunt a stumbling real estate recovery

Foreclosures continue to haunt the real estate market as more homes become seriously delinquent (more than 90 days in foreclosure) in the first quarter of 2010.

Seattle Foreclosures still on the rise

The good news: The number of people facing foreclosure is nearly flat from a year ago. A third fewer people are receiving legal warnings that they could lose their homes. And foreclosures are receding in some of the hardest-hit cities. Ooops: But not in the Seattle area. Seattle bucked the national trend, with foreclosure filings in …

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Foreclosures lure gold-diggers…

The scene unsettles some. Yet, as one analyst says, these are unique times. Yes, very, very unique times… Perhaps the best way to describe it is: The Wild West Rises Again.  Look closely and you’ll see investors avidly searching for gold in the wreckage of the mortgage crisis and riding high astride those wild west horses. Some …

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Job Recovery… slow, slow, very slow.

The good news is that nearly 600,000 private-sector jobs have emerged the first half of this year. The bad news is that job growth is a sloooow process. The worst news is that almost half of the currently unemployed (45.5%) have been without a job for six months or more. The GREAT DEPRESSION, which according to economists …

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Can housing stand on its own two feet?

… That is, without the benefit of the $8000 Homebuyer Tax Credit? According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies latest report, the prognosis is doubtful at best. Why? Because the key to a housing market recovery is jobs, jobs, and more jobs… and, national employment growth remains tepid at best. For those Americans with jobs, we …

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Mortgage Activity Mostly for REFIs

Mortgages are cheaper now than they have been in a half-century…