New choices for housing market – or not?

What now? That’s the big question as the economy stutters along and home sales continue drop like a stone: July 2010 down 26% from July 2009. In his New York Times article, David Streitfeld commments: “If last year’s tax credit was supposed to be a bridge over a rough patch, it ended with a glimpse of the abyss. …

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Home buyers and sellers walking different paths

Should be more home sales nationwide given the persistence of low interest rates, but not the case. Many sellers are forced to play ‘the waiting game,’ renting out their property until better pricing surfaces in real estate. But will it?

New loan waiting periods after deed-in-lieu or short sale

FANNIE MAE has changed the “waiting period” timeline before home buyers can qualify for a new loan after a ‘preforeclosure event,’ namely a deed in lieu or a short sale.

Returning Tax-Credit…?

Reviving the homebuyer-tax-credit rumors continue to surface periodically. That likelihood, however, remains quite slim at this point.

Old housing boom forever gone. Kaput. Over.

The. Old. Housing. Boom. Is. Not. Coming. Back.

Could borrow $2 billion, but not…

“I could borrow $2 billion tomorrow for 3 1/2 percent. But what am I going to do with it?”   David Speer, CEO of Illinois Tool Works. Further words of wisdom from Mr. Speer: “It took us a decade to get in the ditch we are in. There isn’t going to be instant gratification to get …

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Today too many homes for sale… Tomorrow an undersupply of homes?

Tired of hearing, “Now’s the best time to buy a home”!? Well, according to some economists, the ‘now’ is definitely better than it will be a couple of years down the road. A housing shortage ahead?! Oh, give me a break! Errr, ahem… Actually, what are you saying?!

Rents in Bellevue and Seattle – a look at the last 12 months

It’s cheaper to rent in Seattle than in Bellevue…

Rental listing sites are booming

Home rental sites,,, and Craigslist are enjoying an increase of listings from home owners.

List prices drop on homes for sale; buyers have upper hand

U.S. mid-summer list prices drop as sellers fear another ‘dip’ in home prices, according to the real estate site, Trulia.