Rise of the mortgage-free Seattle homeowner

Aging Boomers and Rich Millennials… fueling the rise of the mortgage-free Seattle homeowner If you’re among the thousands struggling with the high cost of housing in Seattle, here’s a statistic that might make you wince. Census data show that in 2016, more than one in four Seattle homeowners owned their home outright, free from any mortgage …

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Staged to Sell

What value does staging bring to your selling process? To do or not to do…

Your Home Selling/Buying Schedule

       It’s a whirlwind and it’s best to be READY!  The typical home-selling schedule goes like this: A home hits the market early in the workweek. Over the next few days, interested home shoppers start stopping by the house and inquiring with the listing agent during private tours. There are open houses over …

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The Shocking Amount Millennials Spend on Rent by the Time They’re 30

The Shocking Amount Millennials Spend on Rent by the Time They’re 30 It all adds up… shockingly so! Options would be to purchase even a small condo and start building equity by paying rent to yourself.  Click through for link to video.  

Numbers Support Staging Benefits for Sellers


‘Once upon a time’ … the 3D-printed home

Family Becomes First Occupants in 3D-Printed Home A family in France will soon be the first in the world to move into a house completely printed and constructed from a 3D printer. The four-bedroom home in Nantes, France, sits at 1,022 square feet, and is a collaboration between the city council, a housing association, and …

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Don’t Get Caught in the Rental Trap!

Don’t Get Caught in the Rental Trap! There are many benefits to homeownership. One of the top benefits is protecting yourself from rising rents, by locking in your housing cost for the life of your mortgage. Don’t become trapped A recent article by Apartment List addressed rising rents by stating: “Rents are up 2.7% year-over-year at the national level. Year-over-year …

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Area Home Values up 85% in Six Years

Single-family home prices in the Seattle metro area have grown faster than anywhere else in the country for the last year and a half, with no sign of slowing, even though prices have been surging for six years. The most recent Chase-Schiller* national housing report marked six years since home values bottomed out in February …

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A Lego House

  These houses are constructed using LEGO-like bricks These houses are made entirely of LEGO-like wood bricks. Posted by In The Know Innovation on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Moving up Is MORE Affordable Now Than Almost Any Other Time in 40 Years

If you are considering selling your current home, to either move up to a larger home or into a home in an area that better suits your current family needs, great news was just revealed. Last week, Trulia posted a blog, Not Your Father’s Housing Market, which examined home affordability over the last 40+ years (1975-2016). Their research revealed …

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