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Five Incredible Tiny Houses

Could you imagine living in 97 square feet? Tiny houses – some might even call them teeny-tiny – are growing in popularity among buyers in the second home market. Some are even making them their primary residence. Tiny Houses    

Windows that disappear into walls

In some homes windows are optional Window-walls: To maximize the light and views, homeowners are adding giant windows that, when retracted, can bring the outdoors in. Advances in materials and construction have made these window-walls more energy efficient and able to withstand weather extremes.     Eating out This California kitchen includes NanaWall’s WD66 solid …

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32 outrageously fun things you’ll want in your backyard this summer!

You’ll never want to go back inside!   Disney-Themed Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen. Available at Wal-Mart.               The Adult Version of a Kiddie Pool. Easily improvised with any inflatable boat/raft. Available here.                    Geodesic Aviary/Chicken Coop. Available on Etsy.           …

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Slumped Glass Bathroom Sink

In consideration of a glass vanity sink top For that dramatic look, glass vanity tops make a unique design statement in your bathroom. A wide variety of color and texture choices are available, and because it’s translucent, special back-lighting can be used under the vanity top to create a very dramatic effect. Thick and heavy …

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With super luxury real estate, it’s view, view, view

10 most expensive views In the world of super luxury real estate, location, location, location isn’t worth all that much unless it includes views, views, views. In other words, to command an eye-popping price tag, a property had better have eye-popping scenery. These are just some of the mind-blowing views revealed in CNBC’s “Secret Lives …

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Where swims become scandals

Jackie Collins and a Home That Brings a Painting to Life This celebrated novelist’s Beverly Hills house frames a pool inspired by Hockney. Jackie Collins, 76, is author of 30 novels, including “Hollywood Wives” and “Lucky,” part of her series on the Santangelo family. Her latest novel is “Confessions of a Wild Child” (St. Martin’s …

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