Homebuying Step 3: The Search

You’re really doing it! You know what you can afford and you’ve got your pre-approval letter. But before you buy the home of your dreams, you’ve gotta find it first.

Don’t worry about color. It can be changed. It will be changed. Assume you will have to paint when moving into a home, and if somehow the previous owners picked your absolute fave colors, then you’ve won the new homeownership lottery.

Don’t try to be a structural expert. Yes, the structural integrity is something that will end up being incredibly critical to a home purchase, but this is why we rely on inspectors. As a buyer, don’t over-analyze every crack and imperfection in the dry wall. Sometimes, a home with seemingly no structural flaws can require thousands of dollars worth of foundation work, and a home with some small cracks here and there can be perfectly sound.

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