Love Your Bathroom Forever: 9 Perfect Features

Fads? Phooey. If you’re looking for style, sanctuary, and long-term value, you can’t go wrong with these bathroom must-haves.
Good-looking, hardwobathroom-ideasrking bathroom features — like sleek, single-hole faucets and curbless showers — bring you maximum enjoyment now, and will up your home’s resale value when it comes time to sell.

With the annual “Cost vs. Value Report” from “Remodeling” magazine pegging the average bathroom remodel at just over $16,700, you’ll want to make sure you get maximum comfort, convenience, enjoyment — and resale juice when the time comes to sell.

1.  Heated Ceramic Tile Flooring

Bathroom ideas tile flooringImage: Backseat Boone

Enduring, waterproof, and good-looking, ceramic tile bathroom flooring is the classic, never-out-of-style surface material for any bathroom. Plus, consumers (read: future buyers) love it: In a survey from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), 83% of respondents said ceramic tile was their No. 1 choice for bathroom flooring.

With prices ranging from a mere $1 per square foot to $20 and more, you’ll find a huge array of choices, styles, and colors that’ll work with any budget.

Nice-to-have ceramic tile accompaniments:

No-slip ceramic tile. With its finely textured surface, it’s great for traction, making it an exceptionally safe bathroom flooring for young kids or folks with limited mobility.

Look for one of two ratings on the packaging.

1.  A COF (coefficient of friction) standard of .60 or greater means the tile is rated as non-slip when wet by the Ceramic Tile Institute.

2.  The DCOF (dynamic coefficient of friction) AcuTest measurement, the new gold standard now coming on the market, requires a value of .42 or above for non-slip tile.

Tip: No-slip tile’s texture can trap dirt, and that requires extra elbow grease to clean.

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Image: Allen-Guerra Architecture / Bob Winsett Photography

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