Does owning your home make financial sense?

Home with fence roses

Everyone knows the social advantages of home ownership. However, some question the financial benefits of owning a home. Three recent studies shed some light on the issue.

RealtyTrac recently released a report comparing home price appreciation to wage growth over the last two years. The study revealed that home price appreciation has outpaced wage growth in 76% of U.S. housing markets during that time period. By how much? Here is a graph showing their findings:

Home Prices vs. Wages | Keeping Current Matters

And we all know the importance of home appreciation in determining the net wealth of most American families. Merrill Lynch just issued a report covering the issue. Their findings are shown here:

Average Home Equity | Keeping Current Matters

It obviously makes financial sense to be a homeowner.

But, does it make sense to buy now? Buy or rent?

The survey company Pulsenomics just issued their findings on the cost of owning versus the cost of renting. They compared historical averages to the cost you can expect to pay today.

Buying vs. Renting | Keeping Current Matters

The cost of buying is far below historical averages. Renting is another story.

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    Yes, that’s true that home make financial sense. After reading your post and watching your calculation i thing own House is more beneficial for the people. It saves the amount of money and we can use it for the earning purpose.

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