Eastside’s gush of luxury home sales

Kirkland, Bellevue among nation’s priciest for high-end homes


Kirkland’s average luxury home sold for $2.5 million ranking it sixth among the nation’s top 10 luxury markets, while Bellevue’s came in next at just over $2.4 million. Those price levels have been driven up in recent years, in part by demand from wealthy foreign buyers.

Over the year, the average price of Kirkland luxury homes sold grew 39%, the second-highest annual gain in the nation. Meanwhile the average price for Bellevue luxury homes fell 2%.

In Washington, Seattle had the highest number of luxury-home sales in the fourth quarter: There were 130 sales, with an average price of nearly $1.7 million

Seattle downtown home to 65,000 people

Jon Scholes, the association president, said the number of people living downtown has increased in recent years to 65,000 — up 8% since 2010. He also shared the results of a commuter survey showing that the proportion of downtown workers who drive alone to work fell to 31%. Forty-five percent of downtown workers commute via public transit.

Seattle Time, Kirkland, Bellevue among nation’s priciest for high-end homes  

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