Sammamish WA… a great place to live! And voted ‘most friendliest’ town.



… well, I admit the rating was a couple of years ago from Forbes, but the core truth remains! Nestled next to Lake Sammamish, the town offers a bevy of pluses for residents.

You get a little more for your money when purchasing a home in Sammamish with relatively newer homes than the surrounding communities of Bellevue, Mercer Island or Kirkland.  Commutes are relatively easy into Seattle, Bellevue or nearby Redmond.

“I have never lived in a community that’s more welcoming,” says Katy Chung, a six-year resident and a stay-at-home mother. “When we first moved here, neighbors came out of their homes to introduce themselves and give me delivery menus!” That friendliness is not unusual in Sammamish, adds Chung, who now joins her neighbors in welcoming newcomers to the neighborhood.

A bevy of economic and social factors have helped to strengthen the community spirit in Sammamish. Nearly 90% of households (including Chung’s) own their homes. Unemployment in the town of 46,700 people is a relatively miniscule 5% thanks to the major corporations headquartered nearby like Costco, Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon.

Sammamish’s crime rate is roughly 90% lower than the national average and residents laud the quality of Lake Washington Schools. Combine that with an array of events that offer residents the chance to connect regularly, including a weekly farmers market, the Sammamish Days and Nights Jazz Music Festival, Shakespeare in the Park, an annual Arts Fair, plus Sahalee, a world class golf course, and perhaps it’s not surprising that the city’s official motto is “Building Community Together.”

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