Hot real estate markets… after the crash. Seattle… good for Sellers

You might have thought you’d never see another top-10 list of hot real estate markets after the housing boom’s spectacular crash. Never say never. Housing’s coming back, mostly. It’s creeping back in some places, leaping in others, and still down in a few.

Here’s a look at housing by the lists: one list of the country’s hottest markets, another of the best markets for Sellers (Seattle), and one more of states with the most underwater homes. The last is a reminder that, while housing is healing, it’s not off the sick list yet.

 Biggest home value increase in 2012

  1. Phoenix, 22.8% price increase
  2. Denver, 10.8%
  3. Miami, 8.7%
  4. Sacramento, 8.6%
  5. Detroit, 8.3%
  6. San Francisco, 8%
  7. Las Vegas, 7.9%
  8. San Diego, 7%
  9. Dallas, 6%
  10. Riverside, Calif., 6%

The U.S. median home price rose 10% on average last year, according to the National Association of Realtors. At the end of 2012 the median single-family home (not including new construction) was worth $178,900. It was $162,600 at the end of 2011 — $16,300 less.

Best markets for home Sellers

A list  compiled by Zip Realty compared listing (asking) prices for homes with their selling prices in 32 markets. Here are Zip’s top 10 markets for sellers.

  1. San Francisco
  2. San Diego
  3. Sacramento
  4. Las Vegas
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Orange County, Calif
  7. Denver
  8. Tucson
  9. Portland, Ore
  10. Seattle

Remember the amazing foreclosure discounts?

They’re mostly history now…  Discounts on foreclosures are just 12% today, says FNC’s Foreclosure Market Report, which is about what foreclosure discounts were before the housing crisis began. At the depths of the crash, foreclosures were discounted by 25% or more.

States with the most underwater homes

  1. Nevada: 56.9% (properties in negative equity)
  2. Florida: 42.1%
  3. Arizona: 38.6%
  4. Georgia: 35.6%
  5. Michigan: 32%
Even with home prices recovering in the “sand states” (Nevada, Florida, California and Arizona), which dominated foreclosures for years, three of those states top the NAR list of states with the most underwater homes.
Hottest Cities for Real Estate, MSN Money, February 19, 2013


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