Housing trends favor extra bedrooms

Wine cellar, workout room, or extra bedroom?

If you’re thinking of adding a wine cellar or workout room to your home, think again. An extra bedroom is now the bigger draw and offers a more probable return on your investment. Here’s why…
  • The trend toward multi-generational housing is affecting design changes.
  • Doubling up seems to be persisting, particularly in areas with high housing costs.
  • Extra bedrooms may bring more value than a bigger garage.
  • College has become more expensive and often takes longer than four years… and the kids may need a place to stay. And many find that separate is often better when living with adult children.

McMansions may be making a comeback with a twist: Less garage space and more bedrooms. The biggest drive for these design changes is the trend toward multi-generational living arrangements… Having an extra bedroom with bath that is separate from the other bedrooms favored. Think of it as a guest suite with multiple use options.

USA Today, December 27, 2012

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