FOR SALE: one used castle with little used dungeon

What has 575 windows, 16 chimney stacks and 19 fireplaces?

Answer:  New Jersey mansion, dungeon included

Modeled after an English castle, Glynallyn, a 95-year-old, 66-room mansion with a basement dungeon is for sale for a mere $5.7 million.

Glynallyn, a 32,000-square-foot mansion at 12 Canfield Road in Morris Township, N.J, was built in 1917 by George Marshall Allen, an enthusiast of European architecture. The mansion was last occupied by a family that bought the property in 1996 for $1.15 million, but, last year the house was taken in foreclosure.

The original owner, Mr. Allen, was a wealthy businessman who decided to model the house on a castle he had seen during his travels in England. With his wife, Grace, he was an avid entertainer who would sometimes hire trains to bring in guests from New York City and stage Shakespeare plays in the basement dungeon.

Glynallyn has 575 windows and an estimated 27,000 livable square footage with 16 chimney stacks and 19 fireplaces… It is unknown if the ‘liveable’ square footage includes the dungeon.

Castle For Sale with Dungeon

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