What if…

What if there was a shoe store that had:

  • – An unparalleled selection of shoes of every size, color, and price range
  • – The shoes were discounted 30% or more
  • – You had a credit card that would finance the shoes for 30 years at 4.5%

How many shoes would you buy? My bet is there would be a line around the block. Well, today, real estate is like that shoe store (incredible selection, terrific bargains and excellent financing terms). But there’s more….

  • Shoes go in and out of style…  Homeownership is still the American Dream.
  • Shoes are worth less once you wear them…  Homes will appreciate in value over time.
  • Shoes get disposed of…  Homes are lasting.

And while many can recount memories created in certain shoes, everyone can remember their first home, their first family gathering, the countless holidays shared. There is also the ability to decorate to your tastes, the stability (and lower crime rate) in homeownership neighborhoods, and the higher level of education achieved by kids who grow up there.

If you’d stand in line to buy shoes, what’s stopping you from exploring a home? Despite some media perceptions, there is mortgage money available with reasonable down payment requirements at extremely low rates…talk to a loan officer. There are some great deals out there with short sales, foreclosures and regular transactions also!

Happy Shopping!

With permission from KCM Blog, August 11, 2011

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