Which is more expensive – to rent or buy in Seattle?

Rent in Seattle – Buy in Portland

Trulia.com (www.trulia.com),recently released its Rent vs. Buy Index which found that it is more affordable to buy than to rent a two-bedroom home in 72 percent of America’s 50 largest cities.


A nation of renters has emerged, as more Americans rent by choice or due to unforeseen financial difficulties.

In contrast to this nationwide trend, renting is only less expensive than buying in four of the cities included in this study – namely New York, Seattle, Kansas City and San Francisco. The remaining 10 cities are locations where buying may still be a financially sound long-term decision despite the relative affordability of renting.

Top 10 Cities to Rent vs. Buy

Rank City State Price:Rent Ratio
1. New York NY 31
2. Seattle WA 24
3. Kansas City MO 21
4. San Francisco CA 21
5. Memphis TN 20
6. Los Angeles CA 20
7. Fort Worth TX 19
8. Oakland CA 18
9. Portland OR 18
10. Albuquerque NM 18



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