Next scam: Foreclosures? Housing market still beset with woes

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse… and then it did.

Foreclosure and eviction scams at GMAC Mortgage, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other too-big-to-fail financial firms swimming in both American taxpayer cash and the Federal Reserve Bank’s divine intervention are revealed.

In December 2009, a GMAC Mortgage employee said in a deposition that his team of 13 people signed “a round number of 10,000” affidavits and other foreclosure documents a month without verifying their accuracy. The employee said he relied on law firms sending him the affidavits to verify their accuracy instead of checking them with GMAC’s records as required. The affidavits were then used to complete the process of repossessing homes and evicting residents.

The deep flaws in the foreclosure process came clear last week an employee of Ally Financial’s GMAC mortgage unit, admitted in a sworn deposition that he signed off on up to 10,000 foreclosure documents a month for five years without reviewing them thoroughly.

That prompted Ally, which took a $17 billion federal bailout and is majority-owned by the government, to halt evictions in 23 states. Stephan also signed foreclosures for hundreds of other mortgage companies, including J.P. Morgan Chase.

Housing experts say in general, fabricated foreclosure documents often indicate that banks and document processors have lost track of the papers that prove who owns a loan.


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