Returning Tax-Credit…?

You know, probably not… ah, gee.

While ‘revival-rumors’ regarding the now defunct homebuyer-tax-credit continue to surface periodically, at this point the likelihood of ‘just-one-more-time’ probably remains very slim. In fact, there is some call for a major ‘hands off’ policy to allow adjustment to housing market values in the normal, if painful, fashion of all markets… that supply and demand option. Much needed, say some, for housing to return to some semblance of stability.

Continued artificial (government) intervention in the housing market may just be postponing the inevitable. At least, that’s what some say.

And then there’s Shaun Donovan’s take on it:  “Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan on Sunday fueled speculation the administration might push for an extension when he told CNN it was too early to make a decision about renewing the tax credit. “ 

Perhaps it is Donovan’s choice of  words, “too early,” that is  fueling speculation?!

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