Apr 17

U.S. Cities Where Homes Sell the Fastest

Although the U.S. housing market continues to struggle, many local markets are doing significantly better than the country as a whole, with some places virtually missing the housing bust altogether.

While shifts in home values are important in any market, it’s important for sellers to determine the length of time a property can expect to be on the market before it will be sold. The faster that homes sell, the faster an inventory backlog can be cleared, suggesting heightened demand and an upward trajectory in prices.

So… yes, Seattle is tied in #2 position for homes that sell the fastest in the nation. And Seattle is tied with which other west coast city? Can you guess? (San Jose, CA)

And which city is #1… again, on the west coast! (This one’s easy!) Click the link to see more.

2. (Tied) Seattle, Washington

Median time to sell: 73
Zillow Home Value Index: $347,700

Listings with price cuts: 33.55%
Average price cut amount: 6.88%
Final discount from list price: 2%

US Cities Homes Selling Fastest

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